Thursday, May 1, 2008

Swimming into a New Life

APRIL 26: All we wanted was to SWIM, RELAX, ENJOY, UNWIND. But the photo below shows what happened to us that afternoon.

SF's (Super Friends) summer outing. The Galera trip was cancelled last April 5, 6, 7 because I was sick. So we decided to move the outing and rent the clubhouse at Peter's village in QC instead. But Peter was getting ready for his "sign off" as one of Diwa's managers so he could not really work on it. Finally, we ended up going to Josephine's Water Camp in Kawit, Cavite.

Saturday came, April 26. Only Gerard, Gracie, and I went on with the plan. Gerard brought her 2-year old baby, Sofia. Gracie was with Mark, his fiance, and EJ, her cousin who just came from Laoag. I came with my sisters, Ness and Paui. From DIWA office, our convoy (Gracie, Mark, and EJ in Gracie's car; Gerard, Sofia, I and my two sisters in Gerard's car) traveled all the way to Cavite. We met Ness and Paui at SM Bacoor because they still came from our home.

Jinks number 1: We're in Binakayan, Kawit, when we asked a manong which way is to Cavite City. He said "Kanan (right)". So we turned right and saw Island Cove along the way. But then, after following the road, we found ourselves in Binakayan again! Hay! Si Manong talaga.

So this time we went straight and asked some more manongs, then finally saw signages pointing the way to Josephine's. We reached that UNFORGETTABLE intersection, with JOSEPHINE's big sign there.

Jinks number 2:We turned left and saw the parking area. But even before we found a parking space, the guard signaled--he's turning us away! Then he went to us and said, "Ma'am, Sir, di na po kayo pwede. Closed na po. Masyado na pong maraming tao (You cannot enter the resort. We're already closed. There's too much people inside.)" He told us that there were no cottages available and the pools were overloaded. Really? Maybe yes. But we wished they had let us in so we could convince ourselves that we should find our fate in other resorts.

It was our first time to see a resort stopping people from entering their place. Haha. Weird. Tinalo pa sila ng mga fastfood restaurants na kahit umaapaw na sa tao, pinapapasok pa rin ang mga tao. We really got pissed off. So we had a very short meeting at the parking lot and decided to move to Island Cove.

Jinks number 3-THE MAIN JINK: We went back to the intersection, but Gerard was hesitating to pass through the same road again. Medyo traffic kasi. We saw two men waiting at the corner of that intersection, so we asked them if there's an alternate route to Island Cove. But they were no help. THE MOMENT CAME. Gerard released the hand break. When we looked at the right, and, "TRUCK!!!" He stepped on the break again but it was too late. Boooooom.

Yes. Gerard's car was hit by the approaching truck. We almost got under it, but thanks to Gerard he was able to hold the break again. Thanks to the truck driver because he stopped right away after realizing that their truck hit us. Whew. Because if not, we might still be in the hospital and I might not be able to write this entry.

The next scene was like this: Ness and Paui holding Sophia, Gracie taking pictures (the pic above was from her), Gerard repeatedly saying, "malas naman oh. . . ", Mark assisting Gerard, and I---just looking at the disastered car, speechless. Thanks again to the truck persons because they did not nag at us. They too, seemed shocked. Sadly, Gerard admitted right away that it was his mistake. Whoever made the mistake---we could not turn back time.

Just like any other road accident, a police officer came, sketching and taking pictures of the scene, interrogating the drivers, and calling for back up. The drivers had to go to the police station to settle the case. How about us?

Hay. We stayed inside Gracie's car and waited for the wrecker. Yes. Gerard's car couldn't make it to their house so it had to be towed. When the wrecker arrived, we headed straight to Gerard's house in Imus. I felt nervous when we reached the gate of the village. How will we tell Gerard's family about it? How will they react?

Few blocks before Gerard's house, I saw Tita, Sofia's yaya, chatting with some neighbors. My fault that I didn't go down to tell her what happened before she sees the car. At yun nga. She saw the wrecker and panicked. When I went to her, she welcomed me with a worried cry, "Ano'ng nangyari? Si Pia?" Sofia was sleeping inside the car. I told her she's okay. and Gerard is still at the police station.

Gracie went with me to face Gerard's dad. He got angry. (malamang!) But he did not blame us or what. He was just an angry, worried dad and lolo. Whew.

To cut the story short, our swimming day turned to be a simple salu-salo at Gerard's house--with Andok's chicken that was supposed to be our baon. We recalled the scenes, and laughed at ourselves---happy enough that we are still alive.

Yes. I'm still alive. The one who's writing this entry is not yet a ghost. Hehehe.

Everything that happened only sinked in to me the day after that incident. For two or three days, I became totally clouded by the thought that we almost lost our lives. But I'm ok now.

Thank you, God. Gerard can still celebrate his birthday on Sunday. And he's still able to welcome his wife who I think already arrived from Kuwait. And he's still with his cute daughter.

Most of all, the Layco's tatlong maria are still here, ramping their beauties. Hehehe.


bitoi said...

whoa! thank God. really have to thank Him for saving you...hay, kakatakot naman yun mado...ingat palagi! ^_^

kegler747 said...

Kakatakot naman ito. By the looks of it you are so lucky that nothing serious happened. Have a great weekend!