Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ming-Chik Game: Sudoku Over the Phone

Hahaha! I think we're getting more and more weird as days pass by! Yesterday afternoon, JR asked me about Sudoku techniques--how to start, how to eliminate the possibilities for each square, etc. I thought it was just a sudden "ding!" in his mind that he's playing Sudoku again.

The first time I showed him the puzzle, he gave up. But now he's trying to master it! Goodluck! Hehehe. Peace.

Then when it was already our "telebabad session", he asked me to help him solve the puzzle he got from a newspaper. Duh?! Over the phone?! Again?

So I grabbed the old SUMS-UP Logbook and Paui's pen, and wrote down the numbers as he dictated them.

That's it. I explained every step I made. I was almost shouting the numbers so he could really understand me. After about an hour with a number of REDIALS (because SUN Cellular cuts the line every 20 or 24 minutes of conversation), WE'RE DONE!

Sayang. I should have posted my scratch paper, but I'm camera-less right now. JR made this using MS Excel:

Puzzle 1:

Just this morning, we solved another puzzle, an easy one. This is from the Sudoku software in my PC at the office.

Puzzle 2:

Then I dared him, every Sudoku puzzle that we complete would be equal to one date! Hehehe.

More Sudoku puzzles, more Love!

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