Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ming-Chik Game: Sudoku Over the Phone

Hahaha! I think we're getting more and more weird as days pass by! Yesterday afternoon, JR asked me about Sudoku techniques--how to start, how to eliminate the possibilities for each square, etc. I thought it was just a sudden "ding!" in his mind that he's playing Sudoku again.

The first time I showed him the puzzle, he gave up. But now he's trying to master it! Goodluck! Hehehe. Peace.

Then when it was already our "telebabad session", he asked me to help him solve the puzzle he got from a newspaper. Duh?! Over the phone?! Again?

So I grabbed the old SUMS-UP Logbook and Paui's pen, and wrote down the numbers as he dictated them.

That's it. I explained every step I made. I was almost shouting the numbers so he could really understand me. After about an hour with a number of REDIALS (because SUN Cellular cuts the line every 20 or 24 minutes of conversation), WE'RE DONE!

Sayang. I should have posted my scratch paper, but I'm camera-less right now. JR made this using MS Excel:

Puzzle 1:

Just this morning, we solved another puzzle, an easy one. This is from the Sudoku software in my PC at the office.

Puzzle 2:

Then I dared him, every Sudoku puzzle that we complete would be equal to one date! Hehehe.

More Sudoku puzzles, more Love!

My Compose Mode and Editor Toolbars are Missing

I could not update my blog. waaaah.

---Weird, it only works here at home. hay!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Our Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for this day! Thank you for giving us another chance to experience life.
Thank you for blessing us with people who always make our morning bright; for letting us have someone (each other) to greet us "Good morning! I love you!"; for making us feel loved from the time we wake up 'til we go to sleep.

Lord, we also thank You for guiding our paths. There are times when we are distracted by misleading thoughts, ideas, and happenings, but thanks to You because you help us keep going on.

Sorry for the wrong things we've done--to You, to each other, to other people, and to ourselves. During those times, we forget what we're here for, and what you want us to be---good, loving, and respectful persons.

Sorry for the times that we disregard You as our Lord, when we do not consider You to be more powerful than any of us, and when we deny that our lives here on Earth are not ours, but Yours.

God, we ask You to continuously help us nourish our love for each other, so that our relationship will be like a tree that drops the dried leaves and gives birth to green, healthy leaves. Please give us strength to face all the trials that we will encounter on the following days. Please help us to think right, love right, act right--in Your standards.

Please also guard and bless our family, dearest friends, and even our acquaintances. Making them feel happy and well are part of our mission, so even just in prayers, we want to extend our love for them.

Please bless the people we don't know--the sick, the weary, the hungry, and the confused. If it is Your will that we may serve as their guardian angels, we would love to accept that task. In this way, we would be able to bring back the love You are giving us.

You are the only one that we praise, O God. We are together for the Love of You.

We pray for all of these through the name of your holy Son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and Mama Mary . . .

Amen. We Love You!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


In times like this, my best buddy besides Him is my guitar. But it's gone. Too bad I haven't bought a new one yet. I need a guitar! I need to play songs to take out the heavy load that my heart is carrying right now. Paui, lend me your guitar later. Please.

Missing the days that I play songs of The Corrs. . .

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I've seen this place a thousand times
I've felt this all before
And every time you call
I've waited there as though you might not call at all
I know this face I'm wearing now
I've seen this in my eyes
And though it feels so great, I'm still afraid
That you'll be leaving anytime

We've done this once and then you closed the door
Don't let me fall again for nothing more

Don't say you love me unless forever
Don't tell me you need me, if you're not gonna stay
Don't give me this feeling, I'll only believe it
Make it real or take it all away

I've caught myself smiling alone
Just thinking of your voice
And dreaming of your touch, is all too much
You know I don't have any choice

Don't say you love me unless forever
Don't tell me you need me, if you're not gonna stay
Don't give me this feeling, I'll only believe it
Make it real or take it all away

Yeah Yeah Yeah
We've done this once and then you closed the door
Don't let me fall again for nothing more

Don't say you love me unless forever
Don't tell me you need me, if you're not gonna stay
Don't give me this feeling, I'll only believe it
Make it real or take it all away

Say you love me
Don't tell me you need me, if you're not gonna stay
Don't give me this feeling, I'll only believe it
Make it real or take it all away
Take it all away, take it all away

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bora Trip Number 2-Day 1:Getting Away from the City

My second Bora trip was supposed to be a birthday surprise for JR. I already got tickets to Kalibo for me and Tito Mey, but three weeks before March 14, JR learned about it. Okay lang. If he had not had any idea that we were coming, our vacation would have been a disaster.

JR immediately reserved a room at the Loft room of their project, Alta Vista de Boracay, while I tried to finish all my articles for submission so I would not hear any violent reaction from my boss.

The night before March 14 came and I haven't prepared my things yet. I reviewed Issa for her exams until Tuesday of that week. I was so busy with work--my brain had stopped functioning but there are several articles left for me to write.

My First Flight (March 14, Friday)

Morning. I hit the "submit" button for the last set of articles. Rushing, I went back to our home, fixed my things, changed my clothes and said "babye" to my lola and sisters. Hehehe. This is it! I'm on my way to Bora!

I had been feeling very exhausted with all the work that I do---edit and write on weekdays, then tutor students during nights and weekends. Hayyy! Why do I have to go through all these tiring activities? Yet my savings account is almost always empty! Darn. I think I spend too much. Well, this is just for now. I'm happy with my life anyway. I can now afford my own vacation (a part of it at least! hehehe).

The trip was like a date with JR's dad, Tito Mey. Haha. It was him and me the whole trip. We met in Casimiro at lunch time, and took a taxi to the NAIA Centennial Airport. At last! I'm gonna ride an airplane! So we went through the counters and scanning terminals, and waited for our boarding time: 2:30. Also bought brazo de mercedes from Goldilocks--pasalubong for JR. Then we saw Janno Gibbs walking around there. Wala lang. I even had a short conversation with a senior citizen who was with her sick husband (I knew that he's sick, because he's on a wheelchair).

2:40 pm: it's time to board the plane! I was nearly losing the grip of my smile because of excitement. But I didn't want to look ignorant so I tried my best to calm down. We passed through the long tube with the door of the plane on the end. Yeah! The PAL flight attendants welcomed us with their sweet hellos. And when I finally saw the plane's interior. . . Wow. With the cold fog-like smoke coming out from the sides, and the unique smell of the seats, I felt like I was on my way to heaven! hehehe.

We had our seats, fasten our seatbelts, and watched the safety instruction video.

Finally, after experiencing a 20-minute traffic on the runway, flight PAL 325 to Kalibo took off. I was on the clouds! It's just sad that I wasn't able to take pictures. Huhuhu. I didn't bring my jurassic digicam and even Nanay's film-based cam. What I only had with me was the underwater cam that I bought on thursday night. I couldn't even rely on my super old phone. Hay!!!!

After a while, the attendants gave us drinks and snacks. Yummy chocolate mallow pie. Hehehe. Saved the Nutrilicious orange juice pack until I got home... But I think I threw it when I took it out from my bag and told myself I'm going to wash it. Hay!

Then I went to the plane's toilet. Cool! There are ice tubes on the small sink. What are those for? It's also weird that I was swaying while I was sitting on the bowl. haha!

I spent the 20-minute flight chatting with my future in-law. hehehe. He talked about how grateful he is that his son is now an engineer, and that his son is bringing him to the famous Boracay. Sweet...

I haven't finished sipping my Nutrilicious drink when the attendant announced our landing at Kalibo Airport. Few more minutes passed by, the wheels of our aircraft touched the ground, and the plane slowed down as it went straight through the runway. We're now in Kalibo!

Still, no pictures. Hmp. When we entered the hall, men in yellow welcomed us. They are the Kalibo men asking us if we already have our service van to Caticlan. After getting my bag, the guy whom we've talked to assisted us to our van.

Yayks! Both Tito Mey and I are becoming impatient. Whoah! Another 60++ kilometers?! Good thing Tito Mey's on the mood to tell his stories. As the green fields and mountains of Aklan amazed our eyes, Tito Mey remembered his childhood days in Quezon province. After an hour, we saw ourselves passing through the zigzag road whose side is a thin shoreline. We already see the SEA! Twenty to thirty more minutes, we reached Caticlan Jetty Port.

The second trip was not as long as my first trip where we took RORO going to Caticlan. Our travel took only three hours, plus two hours wait at the airport. I knew Tito Mey was so excited to see Bora, so I hurriedly led him to the jetty. The sun's setting already. .. Hay! Gabi na!

Our travel by water took around 15 minutes...Yes! At last! We're in Boracay! But we're not yet at where we're supposed to go. So we took another 10 to 15 minutes tricycle ride to Barangay Balabag. We stopped at the Balabag Church (Holy Rosary Parish, I think). And there, a Tito Mey look-alike guy was standing, waiting for something . . . The BiRthday Celebrant! Hehehe.

JR and his officemates have a new staffhouse. This time, a little far from the beach front. They occupy the whole second floor of a two-storey house--with four (or three only?) bedrooms, two toilets, two bathrooms, and a kitchen/dining/living room! Complete! We dropped our things in one of the bedrooms--their guest room, and headed off to Talipapa to buy lechon manok and beer for his birthday party. Thanks to Kuya Manny aka Bacalso for driving for us!

It was past 8 pm and I was so hungry because I only ate Kariman from Mini Stop for my lunch. Some of JR's visitors already started eating, so I wasted no time--I grabbed a plate, got some pansit, lechon manok, barbeque, and rellenong bangus! Yum! Hehehe.

Had one San Mig Light. That's enough. Party's Over. Day 1's done. Time to sleep.