Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blogging at 22

Yehey. Today I'm 22. Today I launch my weblog. Today I start sharing my thoughts. Today is . . .
As what I have said in my friendster blog, what I wanted was a personal website. But then it would take me a lot of time and effort to make one. It's also more formal than blog. It wouldn't be cute if I'd use taglish. So I thought, magtiyaga na lang muna ako rito. Hehehe.

They said blogging could help release a little tension, stress, and tiredness. Oo nga. Endless writing, editing, and proofreading (plus the overflowing algeb, geom, and trigo stuffs!) are really draining. I enjoy what I do. But just like any other normal being, I also need to take some rest once in a while.

But I am not yet sure how this blog would affect me bilang isang nilalang na kabilang sa lipunan.wahahaha.

Possible Outcome #1: People (only those who care) would understand me more. They would know why I think this way. They would understand why I'm weird--- I see things in a different way; I have my own set of principles which is kinda "out of this world." Hehe. Ewan ko. Basta ganun.

Possible Outcome #2: People would be more confused with what I really am. Opinions in total contrast; strong yet weak; etc, etc. Scientifically speaking, these are all because of my brain's left and right lobes working at the same time.

Well, nandito na rin lamang ako. Ituloy na natin. :)