Monday, May 19, 2008

Dancing La La La

Everybody's dancing on the dance floor as one of our schoolmates leads us. Hiphop mixed with ballroom dancing: all of us are getting along with the steps and the music. It feels good, even if I'm having a hard time dancing with slippers. :D

I was Ms. Sexyback last Friday in PDTA's recital, at Ayala Hall of Makati Sports Club. It was my first time to be part of a recital--a dance recital. It turned out to be great. And we felt the uniform beat that the people in our school, Studio 116, have.

Maybe for those who have known me for years, dancing is not really my main thing. I only used to dance in school for fun, or when we needed to represent our school (high school) in events and competitions. I can follow dance steps. But I'm not the total performer type who would really stand out among the others.

Now, I dare myself to improve the way I groove. I challenge me to appreciate the art of dancing.

Last April, I enrolled in Sexy Hiphop 1 class at Studio 116 for a number of reasons. My statement above are two of those. I wanted to find an output for all the stress I'm getting from work. I wanted to be more SEXY. Yes, SEXY. My goal is to put a little fat in my thighs and waist, and then tone it through exercise. I don't want to go to Slimmer's or any gym because I'm afraid of blowing up like a balloon if I stop working out. I think it's also more enjoying to see myself sway with some music than just jogging or carrying weights.

My dance card consisted of only four sessions, but Gracie and I decided to join the recital for more thrill. Right after the fourth session, we practiced everyday for almost one whole week. Whew. It's been more than a year since I last spent late nights on the street due to nonlovelife activities. Hehehe. I have to mention that.

Because of my procrastination and laziness, I was not able to prepare for my costume until the day before the recital came. I bought cheap blouses at Landmark but still opted to wear my sister's open-back blouse. Too bad I was not able to buy dangling silver earrings and head accessory (a cap, headband, whatever).

D' DAY: I really didn't know what to expect. I hadn't seen the venue yet because of that CRAZY meeting we had on the Wednesday before the recital. In the afternoon, I had to meet with my Tatay to borrow his DVcam. Call time was 5pm. It was almost 5:30 but there's no taxi! So I walked from Dela Rosa to Valero and met with Gracie. We ate for a while in Paseo Center, and then headed off to Makati Sports Club. We arrived at around 6:15pm.

One more thing!!! My fans--Ness, Paui, and Ken were late! I told them to be at my office at 5pm sharp. But at 4pm, they were still in Las Piñas! Waaaah. So I just had to let them go to the venue all by themselves. Well, they're old enough. Hehehe.

Gracie and I saw almost all of our schoolmates done with their make-ups. So we rushed to the restroom and fixed ourselves. Whoah! In less than 30 minutes, I was able to put on my costume, accessories, and make-up. Grabe!

I just saw myself wearing the smallest earrings among the "sexy hiphopers". Hahaha. Anyway. My fans arrived so I bought tickets for them and for Nanay---who told me she was already on her way. We had a run-through on the dance floor. I really felt so nervous that I couldn't keep my fingers from trembling. It's just practice. I can do it!!!

We had few minutes of picture-taking inside the dressing room until the moment came... Studio 116 on the go!!!

The kids, the teenagers, the young ladies, the instructors, and the staff of Studio 116 showed off their best moves in their own dances.

My favorite was the finale---where each dance group danced into the tune of "The Cup of Life" by Ricky Martin, using the steps of the particular dance type: Salsa, Bachata, Waltz, Tango, Rhumba, Hiphop.

If you're gonna ask how I did on the stage. . . uhm . . . I didn't miss any step. I tried my best to shake off my booty (even if mine is not really bootylicious). I smiled SUPER at the audience. Was a little nervous. Looked SEXY and DARING? Naah. Hehehehe. I felt like I was just one of the hiphop kids doing my thing for momma.

Hail to our instructor---Mitch Dizon; to the school owner---Ms. Emily Silva; to the other instructors; to the recitalists---to my new sexy friends; to the staff; to the families and friends who were there to support the event; and to all who appreciate dancing.

It seems like nobody's getting tired of dancing. Ms. Edna Ledesma, even with her super high-heeled shoes, manages to groove so gracefully.

After several songs, Sir Brando (or Brandon) raised a SanMig Light and invited the people to drink. That made me tell myself---Yes. We did it. Tonight, it's over, but we'll see you again in June.

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