Saturday, May 24, 2008

Red Moon

"He has been very cruel to me. He keeps on telling me that I don't deserve any attention--because I'm wasted. I'm afraid to tell him that I want to leave him, because he once threatened me that he would kill me and our family if I do that."

"There's this man who appreciates me. I thought I was just looking for a friend but I think I've already fallen for him. The only problem is, we couldn't fight for what we feel. I am married with a notorious guy. He, on the other hand, has already submitted himself to the church. I just wish the right time would come for us."


"He told me I'm the one he loves and not the mother of his daughter, who just went abroad to work. A day after we went out for a date, he revealed a news: their having a second baby. But he insisted that i am the one. Will I believe him? Do I deserve this?"


"Hey, please tell boss I'm not going to the office today. I feel sick. . . Actually, I was crying all night. He broke up with me. I did not expect it. It is really painful."

"Please don't tell our friends about this. Please."

"You've seen us that afternoon, right? He's still sweet. Then he did that. I swallowed my pride and went to his place. I waited for hours. When he finally got home, I thought we're gonna talk about our problem. But he pushed me away. I told him I will only leave if he would tell me that he doesn't love me anymore. And he did tell me. Without thinking twice. That's it."

"I need someone to talk to. Please. Thanks."

"You know I'm not getting any younger. At my age, I'm already looking for someone who could see himself spending his life with me. I don't know. I'm lost. I gave my all. But he dumped me."

"You're right. He's planned for this. And he found his last day in our office to be the best time to do it. He gave back my pic. And it was from our back-to-back laminated grad pics. If everything came up to his mind only at that moment, he wouldn't have time to re-laminate my grad pic again."

"I will try to move on. Yes I still love him. So much that all these tears are falling down from my eyes right now."

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