Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dreaming of a BIG-BIG-BIG family

This morning, saw this news on Yahoo!.

I'm wondering if in the future, I would be like Michelle Duggar, who already have 17 kids--turning 18 next year. Having eight children is fine with me. As long as we (my future husband and I) can afford their needs and can be responsible and loving to them. Hmmmm. . . What if we extend the "EIGHT" to "EIGHT-EEN" ? Hahaha. Kaya ba Ming? =)

Michelle's only 41 and is looking as healthy as the young Duggars. They live well in a 7000-foot home in Arkansas. Each kid does his/her chores. The boys do the girls' tasks, and vice versa. All of the kids play piano and violin. Most of all, God rules their home. Sweeet.

Read more about the Duggar Family at Discovery Health Website.

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