Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Night Hilu-hilo

No I wasn't drunk! I only had one bottle and half of Gemz' drink plus a sip of frozen margarita. But I think my alcohol tolerance is really super low. Got a little tipsy after two glasses so I tried to release the 'tama' by making everything so funny. I laughed out loud and told my stories nonstop. Buwahahaha.

After one bucket of Sanmig Lights and bunch meal (sisig, sinigang, barbecue, fried noodles), they said we're going home. I didn't want to yet because it was only 9.30. But the worried-about-hold-ups-during-payday girl Agnes and sleepy bitter Gemz were on a rush. Hayy. Ok. I think I should go home anyway---I could barely stand straight from my seat. Mark (Gracie's husband-to-be) couldn't help but laugh and instructed Gracie to walk with me. Hihihi.

Oh well. Night life is what I've been missing this past few months.
So we went home. Ooops, but I still rode the jeep to Blumentrit so Agnes wouldn't go home alone. I realized that I am also missing Taft--Vito Cruz, Pedro Gil, and Lawton--the Post Office, the FX terminal.

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