Monday, August 4, 2008

Wonders of Technology: Burol Online

It seems like "DISTANCE" is slowly becoming a big joke. There are so many innovations in our technology today that make us insensitive with distance.

One of these newest advancement is the e-Burol. I read about this Burol over the Web last July 24, when I was reading The Manila Times (See? I'm getting something from reading!haha.). Only one memorial chapel currently offers this service in the Philippines. In e-Burol, friends and relatives of the dead can be present in the wake 24/7 by a live video feed. Through this, those who are abroad need not to spend air fares just to be with their deceased loved one for the last time.

They said the e-Burol also aims to take away the fearful image of the dead. Let's admit it, most of us are afraid to look at the coffin. Through e-burol, the ambiance would be lighter, just like watching a horror-reality show on TV or YouTube.

Another reason why they think e-burol is perfect for Filipinos is that it is in our culture to maintain strong family ties. We (or at least most of us) value our family members, friends, and even just colleagues. So being electronically present on the last hours of the deceased here on earth would mean a lot.

See? Even after our last breath, technology works. Although actual presence will always count the most, communicating through the Web can still play its part on keeping families and friends in touch.

FYI, I passed by Quezon Avenue last Saturday, and I saw the tarpauline ad of this online burol. :)

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