Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Exit Blow Out Adventures

Finally, I did it.

Last Sunday, I texted my only ka-team. "Marie, wag ka nang magdala ng baon bukas. Date tayo.:)" Of course she was surprised by my invitation.


She was still wondering what the free lunch is for. But I know she had an idea. With Cate, my shuttle buddy, we brought Marie to KFC Dela Rosa. After tasting the Kung Pao pasta, she asked, "So Donna, bakit?" I suddenly felt butterflies flying in my stomach. Whoah! And then I gave her a big smile. I finally told her about my plan. I explained to her that I'm doing it with the idea of giving the best to my family and of getting married within ___ years. Hehehe. She advised that I tell Ms. Rose as soon as possible. Thanks, Marie, for understanding and for the prayers. . .


I arrived in the office at around 8am, and Ms. Rose was already there. Hmmmm... Should I tell her na? Or, should I wait for Marie to come back from an interview with Pagsy? I was so disturbed. But I still tried to focus on my work. Lunch came and I was invited to a bible session (I think it's my 4th week already). The sharing was good. It somehow gave me more strength to face what I had to face. After that, I told Marie that we'll go out with Ms. Rose at 3pm. Whew!!!

3pm came, Marie went out first while I prepare myself to approach Ms. Rose. But then. . . she walked to the ladies' room---where Marie was! I went after her. When we got to the CR, both Marie and Ms. Rose were in the cubicle (separate cubicles ha!hehe). Marie felt that I was there, so she asked me, "Nasabi mo na kay Ms. Rose?" Haha! Ms. Rose reacted. "Baket?!" Til I said I'm inviting her to a merienda. Without her phone or wallet, she came with us.

We went to Krispy Kreme Ayala, and had donuts and coffee. We had a short chismisan, but when Ms. Rose saw me done with my donut, she said, "Oh, so ano Donna, bakit ka nanlibre?" Again, the butterflies!!!

I didn't know what to say. . . Marie even offered to tell it for me. But I was able to think of a very korni line:

"Ms. Rose, kasi ganito yun . . . May tumawag kasi last week . . . ang sabi, 'Mabuhay! Welcome to Philippine Airlines!'"

Hehehehe. She didn't get it at first. But when she finally understood what I wanted to say, she asked about my plans. So I told her my story. She told her stories too. And Marie, of course, told about her plans as well. Whew! What a relief!

Ms. Rose even gave me advices which I know I will hold on to for the rest of my life. I was guilty yet happy that I got the chance to work with a boss like her. She is so open-minded. She knows that there's no sense in stopping one person, especially as young as me, from getting what he/she deserves. Hayyyy.

Finally. I'm getting nearer to reality. I'm ready to fly! And I pray that I won't crash like a burning airplane.

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