Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Together Again

After more than a year of living far from each other, JR and Donna are together again. Hehehe. They've got to be ready with endless siomai, movies, late-night gimiks, pizza, shakes, pasta, walkathons, church mass, NBA games, pc games, sweet moments, crying sessions, rounds of wrestling, debates, and fights.

Well, he's been here for only two saturdays, but we've already watched two movies, and, dated and fought n-times. I told myself that I would try my best to make things different from the way they were before. Of course, for the better. Uhm, JR, do you think I would succeed? hehehe. You'll help me out in this, right? :D

It would be a lot different from our college days. Because we are both working now, thinking of how far our salaries would bring us. The level of stress will also be different, obviously. Whatelse? We're already in our 20s--we're not teens anymore. His world will also be a lot BIGGER---he won't be as isolated as he was like when he was in Boracay.

I'm just hoping this would help us improve "JR and Donna", as well as "JR" and "Donna". More prayers. More love.

Welcome home! And a BIG THANKS for the surprise. Will be posting the story as soon as I get the pics from you. I'm thinking you still have time to drop by this blog--this link is in your URL history list.hehehe. :D

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