Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Letter to the Toilet

Dear Toilet,

Thank you for letting me sit on you this evening. You are such a blessing for people who can't find a good place to be alone. For the little time that I was sitting on you, I was able to cry my heart out. I got the chance to think about how I really feel about the happenings around me.

Thanks a lot, my dear Toilet, for catching all the tears that I cried a while ago. It made me feel lighter. Yes, I was hurt, but because I know that you're there with me, I felt better.

Next time, I hope we could share our stories with each other, or give advice to each other. I'm looking forward to being your good friend.

I gotta sleep now. I will also be praying to God that all others who are hurting right now will find their own version of you.

Love Lots,


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