Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wednesday Post Part 3 - Worrying about Worries

Since last week, reading The Manila Times has become a part of my everyday tasks. Yesh! I'm reading the newspaper! Very different me. But I am starting to enjoy it, especially when I see articles that make me smile.

This morning, I got to read Bob Garon's article on "worrying". I am too worried about so many things these days, so reading it somehow gave me some light.

He said we worry too much that we just choose not to worry about those worries anymore. We seldom get satisfied. And then we become so paranoid on what will happen the next day.

The result? Each day of our life revolves around those worries. We get stressed. We don't get to enjoy our blessings, because our minds are preoccupied with all the problems one could ever imagine to have.

---That was me for about two weeks. I was always thinking not only of my own problems, but of the problems of my family, friends, officemates, etc. Most of the times I get confused with who or what or where or when. I forgot that I am not in control of everything.

How to deal with this wrong attitude? Garon quoted a short advice from Leslie Tizard's Facing Life and Death:

" . . . to live a day at a time means to accept the happiness which each day brings without spoiling it by deploring that I may not be able to enjoy the pleasures which I supposed the years had in store for me. .."

I think this is a better version of the quote, "Do you your best and God will do the rest." And she's right. The best thing that I could do to make myself happy is to live each day of my life to the fullest and stop living only for the sake of 'tomorrow', because there's God who has His plans for me.

Hmmmm... Ok. I get it.

In God's will, everything will be in the right place.

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