Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Out of the Blue Letter

More and more thoughts...

Use the time you have on Earth to make up for your mistakes. Let go of the things that put you down or keep you frustrated. Once or twice is enough. Learn from your mistakes.

Perfection is too far from reality. So don't be frustrated when problems arise or when you are hurt. Dreaming for a perfect happening, person, or anything is almost the same as being infatuated. And we know that infatuation is not true love. It's just loving the idea of being in love.

True love is not thinking about what would give you overwhelming pleasure. True love is about being happy when you make the person dear to you happy---happy in good ways.

Enjoy the things that you have now. Thank God for these blessings, and at the same time take care of them. "Nothing lasts forever"--we hear this statement every now and then. But living by this means treasuring those that you have now, not taking them for granted only because of your selfish desires.

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