Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday Post Part 1 - On Preoccupations and Word of God

I attended the Wednesday mass at Greenbelt Chapel this noon. This is my second Wednesday mass for July. Hhmmm... Mukhang tama nga si Father, God allows hardships to come along our lives, to somehow make us turn to Him. It's a good thing that I now have enough time to drop by the church. My load becomes lighter and lighter every time I reflect on the readings and on the priest's homilies.

The Gospel reading for today is almost the same as the Gospel in our chapel two Sundays ago--about the seeds thrown on different grounds.

Both homilies talked about how we take His Word---some of us just pass by and don't mind it; some listen to it but then forget it after a minute; some take it and understand it but don't live by it; and few receive it, understand and treasure it, live according to it, and share it with others.

Here's what I remember from Father _____'s sermon:

Our receptivity affects our fruitfulness, and
our receptivity is affected by our pre-occupations.

Preoccupations may be persons, things, happenings/events, etc. They are not bad. They are blessings, but some are cause of distraction, OR destruction.

Sometimes, because we get too preoccupied, we forget about God, and worse, we turn away from Him.

And when we are already turned away by our preoccupations, where is He now in our life?

My Reflection

I admit that right now, I don't allot much time to think about my relationship with Him, or about TOTALLY living by His word. Yes I have many "pre-occupations" right now. And I thought, hmmmm...are they turning me away from God? There are times when I am tempted, but thank God I'm still here. I know I can't have an overhaul in just one day. I want to turn my mistakes and weaknesses to goodness simultaneously with the happenings in my life. How? Secret. Hehehe.

All I know is I'm thankful that God gives me chances like this. I believe that He is just there right beside me, waiting for me to bring out my best, for Him, and for the people that I am assigned to take care of.

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