Friday, July 25, 2008

Wednesday Post Part 2 - R.I.P. Krisel the Cat

Goodbye, Krisel . . .

This is just the first time I called this cat with his real name(yup he's a he). We usually call him "Garfield," because he was fat and the color of his fur is the same as Garfield's. We also had this name for him, "Pusang may Tililing," because one time, his owner gave him a collar with bells--so every time he ran, we would hear the sound of the bells.

Krisel was a very sweet cat. I never saw him hurt anybody who tried to play with him. He liked it every time we cuddle his neck, or when we let him sleep on our lap or feet. He would roll over the floor when he enjoyed our tickles.

But there's one thing that is so unique in Krisel---he doesn't meow. For several times we saw him open his mouth and try to stretch his vocal chord, but no meow sound comes out. I don't know if he's deaf or mute, or both, or has a damaged throat.

There were also times when we saw him sleep like a human---his head moving, his legs open wide, his mouth---with saliva.Eeew. Hehehe.

Last week, we were still playing with him though we knew he had cough and cold. The next week, he left 'wastes' in our garage every morning. Until Tuesday morning, before I went to the office, I saw him looking so weak and wet. I approached him but he didn't mind me. He lied beside our washing machine. He was catching his breath. That was the last time that I saw him.

Wednesday evening, the first thing that my sister Paui told me was. . ."Ate patay na yung pusang may tililing..." That morning, they found the dead Krisel inside our neighbor's storage cabinet.

Thanks, Krisel, for cheering us up when we're stressed. You're a small but great blessing from God.

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