Monday, July 7, 2008

Reaching the Finish Line

One of my last articles for Tatsulok. . .

Have you ever joined any game—either a sport or a party game or even just an assigned task, where in you have to get to the finish line? How does it feel to touch the line that represents the end of the race? How good is the feeling when you finish first? Did you see others happy for you?

Life is just like any other race. We have to run and fight until the end of the track, not just once but in several numbers of laps. We cannot just stop at the middle for any lousy excuse. If we give up that easy, we would not accomplish anything. We would not be able to achieve our goals. Worse, we might pull the other racers and make them give up too.

It’s not also enough to just run like we’re the only one taking the circuit. There are other racers who are aiming for the same goal. If we act slowly without determination, we might reach the finish line but everybody has gone home already. The race is already over.

Lastly, achieving your goal, even with your best effort and attitude, will be nothing if we would spend the feeling alone. We have friends and loved ones who are there to support us—and who will always be there to take the track with us.

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Xenia said...

Thanks for writing this.