Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Titanic of Today

They boarded the big ship with all their excitement. But their celebrating hearts were wiped out, in just one blink.
Yesterday morning, I was rush-reading the Statistics book I'm evaluating when I saw the news on TV: Relatives of the victims of MV Princess of the Star becoming hysterical and emotional. One of them even climbed up the tower at the pier to get the attention of the Sulpicio Lines administration.

It has been five days since the tragedy happened, but most of the expecting relatives haven't heard any clear and detailed update about their loved ones. They're crying their hearts out, blaming Sulpicio Lines for the heavy load that they are carrying right now.

I can't blame them. They said they are not expecting that their missing loved ones are still alive. But at least they want to see the deceased bodies--just to be with them for one last time.

I almost cried while looking and listening at their grief. I was like watching a modern version of Titanic. . . More than 700 lives were already taken by the raging waters of Romblon. Since Sunday, about 100 bodies were recovered--some were already burried at different islands and towns, and around 70 survivors were rescued.

What will happen next? Are there still survivors? WIll they be able to recover all the bodies trapped inside the ship? Natural disasters are already coming--we cannot stop that. It's in nature and God's control. I only pray that no typhoons will come again until everybody totally gets over with this tragedy. I hope that we'd start learning from our mistakes in the past and start anew by turning those mistakes into good things.

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