Sunday, June 15, 2008

Movies Movies

Donna, the movie-goer? I just thought, I've watched four movies in less than a month?! That's very unusual. Hehehe. Hmmm. Magtipid! magtipid!!!

Sex and the City (May 31)
- loved how broken hearts found their way back to pick up the pieces and united with the one they really love.

The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian (June 8)
- "two things never happen exactly the same way."

Kung Fu Panda (June 10)
- "The secret ingredient is . . . 'nothing.'

Incredible Hulk (June 14)
-Too bad Bruce could not get excited (Elizabeth: "Even a little excited?"). Hehehe.

I don't really write movie reviews so I'll stop here.

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Anonymous said...

No nid to make much tipid, di naman ata you gumagastos eh, or at least half of the movies di ikaw.