Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Let's Have Some "Top 10"

Gracie posted this on SF's egroup, natuwa lang ako. Here it is (plus side comments.hahaha.)

Magandang pampawala ng stress: Chico and Delamar's Top 10

March 14, 2008 → The Top Ten Tips On Finding True Love
  1. Kulit Nia/Mads - “Love is not blind. It sees, but it doesn’t mind.” - tama!
  2. No name - Try tearing your anterior cruciate ligament on your knee and go to the emergency room. That’s where I met my one true love.
  3. Frenchboy - If you’re lookin for love, don’t do it in a bar. Trust me, the only type of guy you’ll find there, is my kind. And you wouldn’t want that!
  4. No name - From “Capt. Corelli’s Mandolin”: “Love is what’s left when all the lust and passion is gone.” -seryoso!
  5. Loipogi - “Walang lalaking bakla sa babaeng nakatihaya!” -really?
  6. Bongoloid - From A Danny De Vito movie: “Assumption is the mother of all f*ck-ups.”
  7. MNEMONIC - “Love is not finding someone to go to bed with, but finding someone you want to wake up with in the morning.” - I think I got a text like this from Yayi, but with a twist on the end, " . . . Naked!-ganun din!"
  8. Pointlessmike - Sa kuwarto nalang magkaka-alaman kung true love yan!-Naah.
  9. Jedi Mstr - It’s true love if he lets you be in charge of the remote control. -Sobra naman to.
  10. Espeks - Naghintay ka na rin lang, maghintay ka pa.
  11. Dongster - Go to Quezon Ave. corner Timog and pay for some true love.
  12. Loipogi - Kung hindi ukol, hindi bubukol. At pag bumukol…may baby ka after nine months.- Toinks.
  13. KRISEL JUNE - Sabi nga ng bestfriend ko, “Magpaganda ka at magpakasaya, lalapit din yang true love na yan.”- Yes!
  14. Powerful Alice - Mag-novena kay St. Jude.
  15. KiD BuKid - You’ve found your true love if she tells you, “Ako pa nga ang dapat magbayad sa ‘yo eh.”
  16. Darielle Girl - Stand in front of a full length mirror at midnight, during a Friday the 13th, with a candle in one hand, and chant, “Salamin, salamin, ipakita ang para sa akin!”
  17. Louise - Stop over-analyzing things.
  18. Coachdanny - Fate could bring you together, but it’s both your choice if you want to stay for the long haul. - Oo nga naman.
  19. JP - When you graduate from “wanting to be with her”, to “cannot live without her”. -Talaga?
  20. Chammy - Drop the paranoia. Stop bugging yourself by asking questions like, “Is she the one?” or “Will she hurt me?”. It just kills the romance. -Killing it softly.
  21. Kites - Allow yourself to be surprised by the Universe. -I'm Miss Universe!
  22. Kikhai - You know you found true love if you keep falling in love over and over with the same person.
  23. Marianne - True love also means letting go of the person you love, no matter how painful, if it’s for the best. - :(
  24. No name - Loosen up a bit and don’t be afraid to get hurt, because remember, love is a gamble. - a high risk one.
  25. Espeks - Look for someone you can have conversations with until you both grow old. - Seryoso ulit.
  26. Loipogi - True love knows no size. Maliit nga, pero umiikot namang parang elysee - winner pa rin! -Winner nga!
  27. Chicago - When you still long for your ex, even after spending the rest of your life with your wife. - Ouch.
  28. Morenang Kaligatan - Accept the fact that no matter how hot and smart you may be, that really cute guy will never notice you, if he prefers other cute guys.

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