Monday, June 23, 2008

New Page Layout for My Blog

I don't know what energy the rain has but every time it's raining, I can work on my stuffs--my artworks, etc, etc. Oh, I get it. When it's raining, it's cold. And when it is cold, not too much of my body energy is released. And because I'm someone who has a very high level of energy, I have to keep on doing activities to use up that overflowing force in me. Ok. Enough.

Yesterday, I just tried to upgrade my blog template. I feared that I might not achieve its old look again, good thing I managed to do the editing correctly.

Now it's easier for me to add elements on my page. Here are the changes:

Header: no need to put a "repeat" attribute on the header image. It's now one whole image. trio.trio.trio.

The "Previous Posts" list is gone. The Blog Archive now has a drop down list for each year and month.

I added a list of the blogs that I frequently read. It's cool that I get to see the latest updates on those blogs!
I also modified the list of my friends' blogs. The list shows the title and date of their latest post.
Link To Older Posts: JR asked about this last time. He wondered why I didn't have this link before. Here it is!

So that's it. I'll be working on a new header--this time a more girly

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