Thursday, October 11, 2007

Not Too Young But Not Too Old

I cannot convince myself to feel good when my Nanay nags at me, saying that I shouldn't take love life seriously; that I should enjoy my life as a single lady; that I should focus first on my career--take MS (and all the programs available in the world!); that I should COLLECTand COLLECT before I select.

I know that she's getting all those litanies from her experience. And, MOM KNOWS BEST daw di ba? But Nanay, am I not old enough to choose for myself? Until when do I need to meet your expectations?

Before JR left for Bora, we had a heart-to-heart talk. I told him that I want to find my IDENTITY. I want to do things that would make me happy and would fulfill me, not just the things that would make OTHERS proud of me. I told him I was tired of maintaining the image of a genius, career-oriented girl.

Arrggh.Then the other day, Nanay said that when JR comes home, I must bring my sister with us wherever we go. It's a crazy joke. I know it's a semi-serious joke. Chaperone at 22?!

Hayy. Lines from Nanay are always bothering. Ayoko nang isipin palagi. Mababaliw lang ako. I will just consider them when I have to make decisions. Yes I can decide for myself. I'm too old to be controlled by others. But too young to be left alone.

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