Monday, October 22, 2007

On Coming Home-Day 1

This post is already late. Kasi naman ang tagal iupload ni JR ang pics. Hehehe. But then.

Every time I look back to what happenned in JR's four-day vacation last week, I can't help but smile. Hahaha.

After six months of waiting, he finally came home. Yiheee. . .


I was supposed to meet him in Alabang at 6am (October 12, 2007). But I went to Zirkoh Greenhills (with my DIWA friends)the night before (October 11, 2007) to avail the free passes that my Nanay's friend gave me. Di ko kinaya. I slept at 3.45am, so when JR called at around six, telling that he's already in SLEX, I requested him to just come to our house and eat breakfast with my family (as if we're having a real breakfast).

I quickly got up from my bed and told Nanay that JR was on his way. To my surprise, Nanay moved like a VIP's coming. Hehehe. Para siyang nabuhusan ng tubig kaya biglang napatayo.

I daydreamed while I was preparing myself for JR's 'homecoming'. How will I welcome him? Di pwede ang "kiss sabay hug"kasi andun si Nanay. Hay. I was really excited.

At dumating na nga si Ming. Hehehe. Parang nanggaling lang siya sa bahay nila. I gave him a 'five' like when we were just friends. And I stared at him to know if his face has changed. Uhm. . . negro! =) Pero ang bigote, balbas, at buhok na magulo, yun pa rin. His smile is still the same. Sweet. At isa na pala siyang sexyback!(I only realized this when Ken noticed his thighs, butt, and belly.)

After almost an hour of chikahan, we went to their house. His Papa and brother Ken were surprised. Nagkakadkad pa ng niyog si Tito nun nang nilapitan siya ni JR at nagpapalit ng dalawang libo. Hehe.

I felt how JR's home missed 'Kuya'. Yup we missed him.

Then, one by one, JR looked at the things that he left six months ago. . . The ceiling is repaired. They have a new dog--a lab retriever, Bruce. Their other dog, Trixie, has new set of puppies. His room has a new PC. He's like a boss inspecting his project.

He played basketball with Ken. We had lunch together. He told his Bora stories. We had ziesta. Then we went to his sister Lhen's house which was in the nearby subdivision. We played with his 'pamangkins'. What a day.

And for the final activity, we went to SM with his Papa and Ken. Kasi nagparinig si Tito, saan daw kami. I felt that he wanted to go out and bond with his son. So sabi ko kay JR, ilabas naman niya ang Papa nya. Yun.

Nakakapagod lang maglakad at tumayo. Hehe. Pero masaya pa rin. yihee.

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