Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Things for New Year

I know this New Year post is a little bit late already. But then I want to start my 2nd blogging year with a post like this to have something to look at when I get lazy writing. hahaha.

So, what's NEW in MADO this 2009?

1. A NEW PAIR OF EXTRACTED WISDOM TEETH. Last November, I had the first round of my two-session impacted teeth extraction. They had removed the upper and lower right third molars(not sure if it's really 'third'), and today (yes, today) I'm going back to my dentist to have the left pair extracted. Hayyy. I just have to do this to get my dental benefits from the company, and to prepare for my ortho treatment soon.

2. A NEW PC. Haha. I'm selling our two desktop PCs and replace them with a new one. This time, branded,flat screen, and with high specs. I think my sister's boyfriend will get the two. Actually he already got the black one the other day.

I wish I could also buy a NEW LAPTOP for myself. This laptop that I'm using right now is kinda. Never mind. Thanks anyway, Nanay.

3. NEW PET. Last week, Gracie texted me, selling their Jap Spitz-Mini Pinscher puppies. I've been wanting a pet dog since we moved back here in Las Pinas in 2003, but I know our place is too small to put up a pet cage. Another thing is we don't have enough 'soil' here, not enough to dispose or bury the animal's poo.

After thinking a hundred times, I finally decided to get the puppies, whether Nanay will agree or not. Surprisingly, when I told her about it, she became more excited than we are (but she doesn't admit it).

I only wanted one puppy at first, but Gracie and Mark suggested that it would be better to get a pair (cheaper, and cuter! hahaha). Oh noh! Can I handle two dogs at the same time?! Luckily, JR offered to take one of the pupppies. Kunwari daw gift!

Bob and Bab are not yet here with us because of #1. I won't be able to take care of them if I'm sick, right? Soon! Soon!

4. A NEW PHONE. JR has been nagging about buying a new celfone. If you get to see my current phone, for sure you'll understand why he's like that!hahaha. My LG unit (the one that we got from the SUN plan) lost its life few months ago, so I have to use my old N6030 alone. Meaning, two SIM cards in one unit. And despite the loose phone case, hard-to-press keypad, and "Insert SIM Card" or "Phone Restricted" alert every minute, it is still the one that I'm using. But latlely, I realized that it's not helping me anymore. So, it'll be soon goodbye to you N6030. It's nice to have you for more than two years.

5. NEW SIDELINES. Well, it's me. I can't keep myself from working all the time. I hate being idle. Hahaha.

6. NEW ADVENTURES. I just hope I would get to the places I'm planning to go to this 2009. My goal now is to spend all the 10 long holidays for this year to have 10 new memorable adventures in my life.

7. NEW COMPANY BENEFITS. In March, hopefully, I would get my 'regular status'. So that in September, my first year anniversary in the company, I will be getting my other benefits---trip passes and discounts, medical and dental benefits, etc. Yehey. :D

8. NEW SKILLS. I can learn programming. I can! I can! hahaha. That's fighting spirit. During my college days I admit I was not good at setting up loops and statements. I felt so ignorant when my professor asked us to code something and I was always the last one to finish. Now, as I read the so many thick IBM manuals, I know that the day will come when programming is as easy as one,two,three.

I'm happy that JR and I finally agreed that we will not miss Sunday mass. One week in their village church, and then the following week in our community chapel. We may not have had the best New Year celebration because of some conflicts, but I'm looking forward to turning our lives a lot better through learning about God.

10. NEW CHANCE. I could not think of what to put in my 10th entry until I heard Joey De Leon in Takeshi's Castle say the word "CHANCES". Above all the new things that I will be having this year, the CHANCE to live my life at its best counts the most.

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