Monday, January 19, 2009

Looking Back: Ming Surprises Chik

August 9, 2008, Saturday.--- Days before this day, I already felt that something special's gonna happen. I was just not sure what it is until my look-alike guy from Boracay came from behind while I was sitting on one of the plant boxes at SM Mall of Asia.

Actually, I don't know how to start sharing this story. BASTA! Hehehe.

A week before August 9, JR already asked a list of pasalubong that I wanted. He said it's better to be ready if ever he receives a notice from his office that he will be sent back to Manila. Oh, ok. But I remember asking him about when he'll come home, he said, "October". Hahaha. So I gave him my list. Then he told me, "Uy, lumabas naman kayo ni Ate next Saturday." And why?! JR said he just wanted us to look for a nice polo that he could wear on Ate Sheila's (his Ate's sister-in-law) wedding on August 16 (one week after August 9). He even set the time--which is very unusual. Mga taong walang oras. But who am I to say no? He instructed me to wait for his Ate's call. Ok ok.

And then he said he's so excited to see me when he gets home on August 15. "Countdown tayo!" Eh di countdown... 15 days! From then on, he was always asking me, "Ilang araw na lang?" Yun pala, mas maaga ng 7 days yung pag uwi niya. JR talaga.

I was already having an idea that he'll be coming home very SOON. Tuesday of that week, he asked me if I could buy a travel bag and send it to him through LBC, ASAP. Wah. Thanks for understanding that I didn't have enough time to do that. :)

Thursday came, Lhen (his Ate) and I haven't planned things yet. I was too busy, while her phone was always out of reach. I only knew that we will meet at MoA, 5pm on Saturday. That's it.

Friday: I got a text from JR saying we won't be talking over the phone that night, because he has an event with his friends. Ok... then I learned.. Las-shing daw siya. Hay naku. And maybe because of the alcohol-intake, the clue words just came out from him. He told me that "tomorrow" I will know and understand why all these things had to happen. Huli! Still, I didn't spoil the excitement I was feeling. Tamang hinala lang. :D

Saturday: Last Saturday work of Diwa. I was supposed to teach Issa for her exams, but I canceled it just to attend to my appointment with Lhen. After lunch, JR and I were constantly texting each other. He said he wasn't able to go to work because of hangover, but he still dropped by his office to get something.

With my Diwa friends, I went to Timezone Greenbelt 3 to play arcade, and to wait for 5pm. JR and I talked until 3pm (i think). He ended our conversation because he said he needed to go somewhere. Kwento na lang daw later. Uyy, sasakay na siguro ng plane yun! hahaha. Arcade.arcade.arcade.

And then at about 4:30 or 5pm, Lhen called using Ken's phone. She told me that they're already on their way to MoA. So I headed off to our meeting place and waited for them. Hmmmm...

I bet you already know what happened next. I was sitting on the plant box near McDo when Lhen called. She said they've just parked their van and they'll be there in a few minutes. And then JR called. "Asan na si Ate? San daw kayo magkikita?" were his lines. I was still talking to him when I saw Lhen and her family coming to me. "Andito na sila!" I greeted the kids with a hug.

Then I turned at my back, and saw the BIG SURPRISE.

Hihihihi. Kilig. That day was a blast. Except for the... hah.forget about it, girl.

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