Sunday, February 1, 2009

What I Miss About Diwa

Again, this post is quite late. I was supposed to post something about leaving Diwa last September 2008. Hehehe. Huli man daw, naihahabol din!

Five months ago, I left a place that became my second home for more than a year... a place that exposed me to the REAL corporate world... a place where I learned a lot of things about career and life.

*** I miss the RUSH days when I had to finish writing, editing, and proofreading articles just to meet the not-so-realistic-but-required deadlines. Pressure pressure pressure. I think that's the only thing PERMANENT in the publishing industry.

***I miss the PHOTOSHOOT sessions that I had to do by myself, and with the whatever-is-available digicam. Photoshoot sessions that gave me the chance to meet with students and teachers. Even if my officemates kept on telling me not to spend my own money for my fare and for the merienda of my 'models', I still got bucks from my pocket just to make sure they would not end up complaining. It's also my way of saying 'Thank you!!! matatapos ko na magazine ko!!"

***I miss the super active corporate politics. Hahaha. Oh well, that's what made me say YES to my new company. I got really depressed after learning and seeing myself trapped in the middle of silent-fighting bosses.

***I miss the almost everyday 'I'm tired of working here and I want to find a new job' lines of my officemates. Because from those, we get to talk about our plans in the future.

***I miss Greenbelt---the park, the shops, the chapel.

***I miss Washington&Sycip Park.

***I miss the chats in Stickies.

***I miss being Dr. Love. Hahaha. It's natural in me to help my friends with their L-O-V-E problems, but honestly, there came a time when I told myself, it's enough! I was always the shock absorber, and the bad thing is I keep the 'shock' inside me. I got overloaded with their neverending stories that I could not handle my own problems anymore.

***I miss sleeping on my cubicle. nyahaha.

***I miss the food at Jolli-jeeps.

***I miss the elevator.

***I miss the art sessions with the Super Friends. After a long while, I got to bring back my hobby.

***I miss people calling me 'Donna'.

***I miss the so many bonding sessions---talk about anything.

***I miss the audit days of 5S. "Clean your place! May mag-aaudit!" hahahaha.

***I miss.................................... my friends in Diwa. They are quite different from my new friends in PAL, and despite the problems and conflicts that we had back then, I still miss their super loud laughs and young-at-heart ideas.

Di yan bola ha. :)

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kimmysensei said...

may i add one? how about T2T and themed company xmas parties? and how about sem-art bente-bente? hehe..