Thursday, October 16, 2008

No Updates

It's been...uhm...months since I posted my last entry in my blog. Waaaaaah. reasons?

1. Last September, I transferred to a new company----I have no access to other sites except the corporate and employees' site.

2. I was busy preparing for some events---my birthday, my sister's 18th birthday, my cousin's wedding. Whoah! Business!

3. I became part of the group that handles our department's Christmas party. I am the sexytary. Hehehe.and the Editor-in-Chief of our newsletter.

4. I am always at MoA after work. Waiting for JR. Eating.eating.eating. Playing arcades. Ooops. Not anymore. He's now assigned in Ohana project (in Las Pinas) so he doesn't have to go to Makati except for trainings.

I've started drafts for my posts but they remain drafts until now. For my friends who read my blog (if there's any), don't worry, I'll update my blog VERY soon!

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