Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Wonder of Bato-Bato-Pick Over the Phone

This is another doodle about love. Well. . .
Bato-bato pick is one of the most beloved games of Pinoy children. I was once an expert of it during my childhood days. But now, this simple one-on-one game made me see wonderful things about me and JR .
We had played bato-bato-pick even before he went away for his work. Now we could only play bato-bato-pick over the phone. Sounds weird? We've tried it, and it's fun.

The first time was when we had a fight. For him to forgive me, he challenged me to play bato-bato pick. The first one to get 10 points wins. If I win, I'm forgiven. So we played. As we went through the game, I noticed how his angry voice turned to cute laughs. He found it funny when I say "bato-bato-pickS". He gradually calmed down. His five straight scissors helped me win. Thanks, Ming!

The second game happened when I got mad because of his incurable sickness (you know what it is!). The bet was only up to 5 points. If he wins, he'll explain his side but I will not scold him. Otherwise, he has to be ready for my litanies. Again I won. Hmmmm. . . My powers are coming back! He had no choice but to explain what happened. He then listened to me as I spoke my heart out--though not hysterical enough to turn him down. I was hurt. But the wound healed after that bato-bato pick.

The third match was just yesterday. This time, it's like a matter of life and death for him. If he wins, we will end our telebabad session and he'll sleep. If I get the win again, he should tell me stories about. . .anything, about us. I have to mention that:we agreed that he should do it right after the bato-bato pick game. So we started. He was leading. It was 0-5 for him. Then I slowly got points, but he's still on the lead. My tears almost wanted to fall down from my eyes--as I felt I was going to lose. After a number of ties, I noticed that he was giving straight "papers." Why?! Oh, it might be his strategy. Or he just wanted me to win again. Until it became 9-all. I thought, I'd give a "stone/rock," so he would win. I did. But to my surprise. . . He gave a "scissor". I won the game! Really thankful that he did not let me cry.

But what really counts is not the number of wins and losses, but. . .

... the honesty in telling our real pick even if we do not see each other's hand;
... the fun of playing that melts our heart and takes away the hurt or anger within it;
... the idea of sacrificing our own win to give way to what the other wants;
... the thought of knowing that whoever wins, the other would still consider doing the consequence for you.
I find it really sweet. Now I know that playing bato bato pick is not just for kids.


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