Friday, February 15, 2008

My Long Distance Valentine

We're islands apart. And there's no affordable way to see each other on Valentine's Day. It's a bit sad, frustrating, envying--while I see other girls carrying their bouquets and gifts, walking with their dates. I wonder if there are restos that offer virtual dinners, because I'll definitely reserve a slot. Just to have the chance to spend hearts day with him.

Well, I should still be happy. Because he pampered me almost the whole day, with his mushy and sweet words. It's enough for me to know that he also wanted to be with me. . . But he had to work hard . . . Not just for himself, but for us.

I got his flower gift this morning. Yes, it's one day late. Not his fault though. The package traveled all the way from Boracay. Hayy. . . these three lovely red roses and handwritten card. . . make me feel like he's just right beside me, giving me a warm hug and kiss. Yihee.

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