Tuesday, December 11, 2007

BLooPeR of the Day: Tulog-mantika

I haven't had enough sleep since last thursday. I'm so tired that I grab every chance to take a nap--be it in a bus, in a shuttle, wherever.

This morning, I took a bus going to my office. I got a place in the corner of the backseat (the six-seater). The chair was a little high, so it was hard for me to set myself to a stable position. Still, I managed to give me a good sit. I waited for JR's call (who also woke up late and hurried to his office) until I realized that my eyes were slowly closing, getting ready for an out-of-this-world journey.

And I fell asleep. I woke up two or three times--before the expressway, after the expressway, and . . . at VITO CRUZ! Oh no. I should have get off at Leveriza--two stops before vito cruz. I also found myself alone at the backseat! I thought I was at the bus terminal already.

Hay. This is probably what one gets from overworking. . .

I need a break. I want to sleep. Will that be tomorrow? Hopefully.

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